About Us

Youth Club ''Under the Same Sun'' (OKPIS) is a non-governmental organization established on 7 October 1997, and operates in the area of Jablanica Municipality and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Youth club Under the same sun helps children, youth and adults spend their free time productively, through educational, sports and entertaining activities.

Through these activities, OKPIS gives young people opportunity to participate in the development of democratic society with principles of tolerance, excluding any form of discrimination. So far, the Youth club has implemented activities such as: English, French and German language courses for all ages, IT courses, journalism workshop, children’s workshops, children’s rights program, typewriter courses, school of karate, basketball and table tennis, aerobics for girls and women, Tae Bo, a lot of seminars and trainings for youth, a lot of trips, performances and exhibtions.

In the premises of the Museum The battle for the wounded on the Neretva in Jablanica, we built an ˝Ethno house of Jablanica region from the late 19th century˝ as a permanent exhibition of the Museum, and ˝Fountain of youth˝ in Trg oslobodjenja street in Jablanica. Besides organizing elections for Youth council of Jablanica municipality, we implemented the ˝Local agenda 21˝ program in Jablanica municipality, humanitarian action ˝Be part of our happiness˝, five youth camps on Bjelašnica and four international youth summer camps at Jablanica Lake, swimming school for the youngest ones, canoe school at Jablanica Lake, happy streets in rural areas of the municipality...

Youth club Under the same sun began as a non-formal group of youth with a total of 10 volunteers, and now, with a lot of experience in youth work, through many seminars, trainings, and through the USAID institutional development program and public advocacy, it has grown into respectable organization whose driving force is a great number of activists and volunteers.
We are members of many networks, coalitions, and alliances of non-governmental organizations from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina (For active communities, ALF, Regional youth action against discrimination and militarism, etc.)

So far, the Youth club has had a cooperation with many local and foreign organizations such as: Vejle Kommune, Embassy of the United States in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federal ministry of science, culture and sports, BWI, UNHCR, MALTESER, UNICEF, USAID, IRC, DRC, NPA, OSCE, CCI, MKCK, CRS, UMCOR, ADF, UNDP, CPCD, SIDA, Jablanica Municipality.