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Learning indeed is a one-year project with a  goal to contribute to development of intercultural dialogue among marginalized youth in Euro-Med region by educating 20 youth about others and "different", introducing them to stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination and xenophobia and ways to fight these negative trends.

The burning issue of youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina, regardless of their level of education, is unemployment. Studies have shown that more than 60% of young people between the ages of 15 and 30 are unemployed. A large unemployment causes tough competition in the labor market. Young people have to acquire additional knowledge and skills to become more competitive in the labor market.

Daily center in Jablanica started its work in September 2013, and is a family member of 14 active centers from other towns throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina that work for child protection and welfare.

Be a man club (BMC) Jablanica was established to promote healthy lifestyles by challenging gender stereotypes. During the workshops, BMC members will learn more about violence, drugs, discrimination, power and relations, and the difference between gender and sex. Active BMC members will have an opportunity to be peer educators to their friends.

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