BMC Jablanica

ClientSan Jose
LocationModesto, CA
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Be a man club (BMC) Jablanica was established to promote healthy lifestyles by challenging gender stereotypes. During the workshops, BMC members will learn more about violence, drugs, discrimination, power and relations, and the difference between gender and sex. Active BMC members will have an opportunity to be peer educators to their friends.

Be a man club is part of the project implemented by  CARE International Balkans based in Sarajevo and with an office in Banja Luka in partnership with XY Association  (Sarajevo),  Perpetuum Mobile (Banja Luka), Youth power (Mostar) and other organizations including Youth club ''Under the same sun''.
The project will provide young girls and boys from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina with life skills education on issues concerning their healthy development  through solving the problems of intepersonal violence and unequal gender norms. The project will last until 31 August 2017, with possibility of extension over the next three years.  The project is supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austrian development cooperation ADC, the Swiss OAK foundation and CARE Germany-Luxembourg. The target group is made up of more than 10,000 young people, with the focus on socially excluded young people including Roma population,  and the project is being implemented in more than ten municipalities and towns throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina including Jablanica municipality.  
The project promotes positive masculinities and youth development approaches for youth work during the critical period of adolescence both in formal educational system and through youth work in the community.
This project will empower capacities of educators and youth workers through training and development of pedagogical tools that support young people during the important transition period into adulthood. The project will also be carried out in cooperation with cantonal and entity ministries of education and health in the development and/or improvement of learning about life skills in schools in order for a high number of young people to improve these skills and achieve their potential. Campaign to fight violence at the state level will be also developed in cooperation with the partners, beneficiaries and experts so that young people can learn alternatives to violence in solving conflicts.
You can contact us here if you want to become a member of BMC Jablanica or if you are interested in our work?  Follow the BMC Jablanica Facebook page on this link.