LVS Jablanica

Local volunteer service operates as part of Youth club “Under the same sun“ from March 2013.

The aim of the volunteer service is to secure a place where anyone interested can come and apply to volunteer in a public institution or a non-governmental organization that have a need for volunteers for certain activities in accordance with the interests of volunteers, i.e. to establish an efficient structure and methodology of engaging volunteers at the local level and fulfill the needs of local community for volunteers.  In the broadest sense, volunteering is defined as a non-profit and unpaid activity through which individuals contribute to the walfare of their community or the entire society.

The youth club keeps records of the work of volunteers, database of volunteers and their engagement, and organizes educational activities for volunteers. The LVS actively cooperates with other non-govermental organizations and public institutions with the aim of creating required volunteer positions and programs that engage volunteers, and thus has a direct influence on creating balance between supply and demand for volunteer services.

Anyone interested in volunteering will be entered into the database, and based on their areas of interest, skills, knowledge and required criteria, they will be engaged in different activities and projects.  The volunteers engaged through the LVS will receive volunteer booklets, and detailed records of duration and type of their volunteer engagement are kept.  In addition, all engaged volunteers have basic volunteer expenses covered.

Local volunteer service project is being implemented in cooperation with Youth communication center  Banja Luka ( and other local volunteer services in BiH.

Contact us here if you want to apply to volunteer service or if you have questions and dilemmas? You can follow LVC Jablanica on the Facebook pages of OKPIS or LVC Jablanica.