UMID (learn, think, act) center Jablanica

The burning issue of youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina, regardless of their level of education, is unemployment. Studies have shown that more than 60% of young people between the ages of 15 and 30 are unemployed. A large unemployment causes tough competition in the labor market. Young people have to acquire additional knowledge and skills to become more competitive in the labor market.

Through non-formal education which is an organized process of extracurricular learning aimed at training and professional development, various social activities, and personal development, UMiD (Learn, think, act) training will help young people become aware of their possibilities, and learn basics in 12 different areas.  Specifically, this training will help youth get ready for the labor market.
How to write a CV and a cover letter? How to write and fund a project? How to become an active member of society or your local community? All this and much more is included in online training that is made up of 12 modules and represents the best example of the importance of non-formal education in the educational process of youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Youth club Under the same sun Jablanica is one of four regional UMID centers where young people can get more information and take advantage of the benefits of the Center to successfully complete the training.

Learn, think and act training is available at
The initiative is being implemented by the Institute for youth development Kult, and it is supported by  UNDEF.