Training for preventing addiction – JUPPO

Youth club ˝Under the same sun˝ Jablanica involved in the Juppo project ''Expert training and structural networking for preventing addiction in BiH''.

How can we protect children and youth from addiction, violence and self-destructive behavior? What strengthens and supports young people to resist the consumer society? How to transfer deeply-rooted values in our society to the upcoming generations,compassion, responsibility for the poor, multicultural diversity, responsibility for one's own actions? How to persuade political leaders to advocate conditions in which children and youth can develop into healthy and strong personalities?
With the practical work of experts for youth work, a one-year training for the primary prevention of addiction (JUPPO) develops answers to these questions. In 7 training modules, experts in science and practice (mostly international) transfer the recent concepts for preventing addiction and health improvement in youth work at  "Grassroots level" to participants. Through the training, a group of participants also develops necessary conditions for joint projects responsible for building the structures in health and youth sector in BiH.  
Expert training allows participants as individuals and as a group to:
-  Adopt professional and pedagogical competencies for practical work with youth in primary prevention of addiction and health improvement in BiH;
-  Adopt skills and relations for project development and management and lobby political leaders in youth and health sector.   
As a result of the project, the NGO sector participants will create a profiled network with key actors who can influence decision-makers in the areas of child and youth health protection and youth policy in BiH. Having the opportunity to work with the most prominent organizations which has experience in youth work, the participants will acquire lobbying skills for the purpose of advocacy and empowering youth as leaders in building civil society, and stand out as future coaches for further empowerment of human resources for preventing addiction. The project participants come from the following organizations and institutions:
SOS Children's villages BIH, Sarajevo
Primary school Marko Marulić, Ljubuški
IPAK Youth builds the future, Tuzla
CURE foundation, Sarajevo
Youth club Under the same sun, Jablanica
Civil society promotion center, Sarajevo
Institute for youth development KULT, Sarajevo
Association for prevention of addiction NARKO-NE, Sarajevo
The Archdiocesan Youth Pastoral Center ‘John Paul II’
Association of citizens ''Viktorija'', Banja Luka
Canton Sarajevo JU Therapeutic Community "Kampus", Sarajevo
Schüler Helfen Leben youth foundation
Association for social, cultural and creative development Zora, Zenica
XY Association, Sarajevo
Organizations and institutions of participants will form a non-formal network to become a profiled partner in decision-making concerning improvement of conditions in which children and youth grow up in the society without addictive and violent behavior.
The JUPPO project's  implementation period is from November 2014 until September 2016.  
Workshops for youth
Within the JUPPO project, nine workshops on ''Promotion of health and addiction prevention for youth of Jablanica municipality'' were held in the premises of Youth club ˝Under the same sun˝ in Jablanica. Through educational and entertaining activities and interactive approach, participants had an opportunity to learn more about their habits and attitutes toward addiction, and to actively participate in the workshops that encourage them to have healthier lifestyles.  
In the workshop, young people learned more about addictions, and especially about the addictions the new generations face, including addictions to phone, Internet, social  networks, gambling, etc.