Daily center

Daily center in Jablanica started its work in September 2013, and is a family member of 14 active centers from other towns throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina that work for child protection and welfare.

Through preventive activities, children in Daily center Jablanica are provided with a safe place for working and socializing. We provide support for children in the Center in order to boost their self-confidence, choose more acceptable forms of behavior, improve school achievement, improve their status among peers, and empower their involvement and participation. This ensures better protection for children in their immediate and wider environment. Support for children in the centers is provided according to their individual needs. Stability and the safe environment that the center offers significantly contributes to success and achieving progress in work with children.

The Daily Center works according to the principle of appreciation and respect for children, which results in the principle of partnership and appreciation of their opinion. Children are provided with the opportunity to give their opinion which is respected and taken seriously, because in this way, in their interaction with employees and volunteers, children learn positive models of behavior, they learn how to articulate their needs and desires, and how to use their rights.

By involving children and appreciating their opinion, we strengthen and develop different models of participation, empower them in their further activities, and this approach creates evnironment for strengthening capacity and ability for learning and development of children. In their everyday communication, staff and volunteers promote positive forms of behavior, and appreciate the circumstances under which children live and grow up.

Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina deserve more care and attention, and our task is to act and provide them with better and brighter future so that they could become responsible parents and active citizens of our society. this zaslužuju više brige i pažnje, i zadaća svih nas je da djelujemo i omogućimo im da imaju bolju i svjetliju budućnost kako bi jednog dana postala odgovorni roditelji i aktivni građani društva. This investment in our future must pay off.

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Volunteers can apply on this link. Volunteer engagement in Daily center Jablanica is recorded in volunteer booklet.

The project is supported by Jablanica municipality and In foundation – a foundation for social inclusion of children and youth in BiH.